The battle for marriage is not over.

The battle for marriage is not over.

Some say it's over -- legalized same-sex "marriage" is inevitable -- that we've lost the debate about same-sex "marriage".

Some say it's just a "legal" issue -- it doesn't really affect how we Christians will raise our children and live our lives.

Some say it's hateful for Christians to oppose same-sex "marriage" -- if we really "hate the sin but love the sinner," we'll be tolerant of the homosexual "lifestyle."

They're wrong.

It is urgently important that you have the facts -- it is urgently important that FRC keep fighting this fight -- because your family is the target in this battle, and the radical homosexual lobby has made it clear:

They will stop at nothing to force our businesses, our schools, our churches, our government -- and even our children and grandchildren, to embrace and celebrate homosexuality.

You need to know the truth. Here it is:

1. The national debate about same-sex "marriage" has NOT been lost.

The Supreme Court decision on DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, actually affirmed the right of the states to define marriage. Only one portion of DOMA was attacked by the court -- the federal definition of marriage. Section 2 of the law, guaranteeing the right of the states to define marriage, was not even challenged. It is entirely intact, and 37 states still officially define marriage as the union between one man and one woman.

2. Same-sex "marriage" is NOT simply a "legal" issue -- it absolutely WILL impact how we as Christians raise our children and live our lives.

An official embrace of same-sex "marriage" at the state level will mean more and more Christian business owners forced to violate their own religious beliefs for the sake of complying with the law. A baker or photographer will be forced to participate in a same-sex "marriage" ceremony even if it violates his or her conscience.

In states where counterfeit marriage has been legalized, the Left has already been empowered to punish and victimize Christians.

Most alarming of all, with the legalization of counterfeit marriage, we as parents will lose control over what our children are taught -- because schools will be obligated to present counterfeit marriage as normal, acceptable and even praiseworthy.

3. It is NOT hateful for Christians to promote and protect natural marriage. The greatest hope, the greatest help we can offer anyone is to help him or her live according to God's design for life, including marriage. We call all people to biblical morality out of love for them, not hate.

Human beings are designed to long for affirmation, for peace, for reconciliation -- but true affirmation, peace and reconciliation can only be found within God's design. Homosexual activists are pushing to eliminate any negative speech about their behavior choices -- this, they believe, will help them feel affirmed.

But it will not happen. They will not be able to escape the conflict of living outside of God's design.

Marriage is only the tip of the iceberg

The Left is committed to remaking America in their own image.

This is why I urge you to give a generous tax-deductible contribution to FRC today. We must counter this growing anti-freedom onslaught -- not just in Washington, but state by state.

Since the day the Supreme Court announced its decision on DOMA, same-sex "marriage" activists have redoubled their efforts to expand it in the states. We are already beginning to see a steady stream of lawsuits. They're pushing to overthrow DOMA-style laws where states have already protected marriage legally. And they're pushing to legally "lock down" counterfeit marriage in states where the question is still on the table.

We have no choice but to mount a counteroffensive at the state level. We must continue to build upon our solid work on Capitol Hill, but are now also compelled to expand our efforts in key targeted states -- because the very future of Christians to live and breathe as free people is in grave jeopardy.

To do nothing would be disastrous -- for our children and grandchildren, for our families, for our nation.

Your generosity today will make a real impact. Our team asks for your help in order to continue our crucial work in Washington but also to implement urgently needed strategies in battleground states. We are already at work -- just days ago we hosted a meeting with members of Congress to work out effective tactics for the next phase -- but as we move to the state level, our resources are stretched thin.

Please understand: By God's grace, we can win this.

A recent poll shows that 85% of Americans do not believe a Christian baker or photographer defending God's "created marriage" should be forced to participate in a same-sex "wedding". The American drive for religious freedom is strong.

And at the state level, where conservatives have a stronger voice -- where they have the opportunity right now to make a specific, immediate difference through their votes -- we are seeing real success.

We must solidify the victories we've already scored in the 37 states presently protecting marriage. Yes -- we can win.

But we cannot win if we do not fight. We must stand strong.

Please let me hear from you quickly. Together we can preserve and protect marriage ... preserve and protect our families ... our freedoms ... and ultimately, the nation that our Founders envisioned as America.

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