We Have the Momentum

We Have the Momentum

Dear [dear_name],

With the end of the year right around the corner, FRC can look back and be proud of all we've accomplished in 2013.

We took the Obama Administration on headfirst. We challenged its unconstitutional breaches into our lives. We fought back.

And we are winning.

The momentum is on our side and your support has never been more necessary. We will never back down in standing for advancing faith, freedom, and family.

But the Obama Administration has unlimited resources and federal courts that are growing more supportive of its agenda with every passing day.

We Need Your Help

Friends of FRC have generously committed to matching every $1 that you give towards reaching our 2013 goal in challenge funds, up to $275,000! Please help us reach our 2013 goal and double your efforts with a gift of $[gift_array_low], $[gift_array_med] or $[gift_array_high] right now.

That means your gift will go twice as far in helping us to:

Protect traditional family values.

Fight for stronger religious liberty protections for those serving in the military.

Force the Department of Justice to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

Challenge the provisions of Obamacare that force Christians to violate their convictions and fund abortion.

[dear_name], stand with FRC as we fight to uphold our values in the face of the Obama Administration and its relentless supporters.

We still have challenge funds remaining, which means that you can still double your gift and help us go twice as far in advancing faith, family and freedom in 2014!

It's critically important that we hit our goal and with your gift of $[gift_array_low], $[gift_array_med] or $[gift_array_high], we move two steps closer towards that goal!

FRC is fighting to defend the very values that made America the exceptional nation that we love. We've come this far, and now we need your help.

Thank you for your continued support for FRC.

Standing (Ephesians 6:13),

Tony Perkins


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