We Need You to Re-Enlist!

Recently FRC and a number of other conservative groups in the Restore Military Religious Freedom (RMRF) Coalition came together to put up a billboard in Colorado Springs, CO. In the wake of the controversy surrounding the lack of religious freedom in the military, particularly the Air Force and specifically on base at the Air Force Academy, we wanted to ensure that not only our military men and women understand their rights to express their faith, but everyone as a whole.

Those who miss no opportunity in attempting to silence and remove the first freedom of religious expression of our men and women in uniform will not stop if they are given free rein, so I ask for your help in defending those who have chosen to defend us all. They have taken a stand for freedom at their post around the globe, the least we can do is support an effort to protect their religious freedoms. Please consider supporting us as we stand for and with our military.

Your gift will go towards the unrelenting work of Family Research Council and our experts who are standing at our post each and every day in an effort to hold the line and gain back the ground our forefathers already fought for.

Freedom isn't free on the battlefield, and it isn't free in the arena of ideas either. I urge you to stand with us in protecting the God given rights of America's protectors!

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