Are you Nasrani?

Please Take a Stand for Persecuted Christians In America . . . and Everywhere!

Ask for your Nasrani Pin as FRC’s thank you.

When people ask me what we need today, I tell them we need people who will stand.

What do I mean by that?

Christians in America—and our brothers and sisters overseas—are in a crisis of religious freedom today that is a divine opportunity to shine for Jesus Christ . . . IF we stand.

If we don’t flinch. If we have the courage to face shame, threats and suffering.

Christians overseas are our example. They are being crucified. They are being beheaded. They are being tortured. And yet they refuse to renounce Jesus Christ.

Watching their suffering, we know that we can stand against whatever form of persecution we face. And . . . we know that we must also stand for these exemplary believers overseas.

And that’s why I want to send you a Nasrani Pin as my thank you for supporting FRC as we influence the halls of power to advance faith, families and freedom.

The Nasrani Pin displays the Arabic letter “N”—which stand for Nazarene.

When I testified before U.S. Senators about religious persecution, I wore it.

When ISIS terrorists enter a town they paint this symbol on the homes of Christians demanding that they renounce Christ and convert to Islam . . . or pay a devastating religious tax . . . or be brutally executed.

Why do American Christians need to wear the “N”? Because we need to stand with our persecuted brothers and sisters and draw courage from their example. We need to stand together.

We—the followers of Jesus Christ—are all marked with the “N”.

So we must stand with each other, and for each other.

The “persecuted church” is no longer confined overseas. It’s here.

Your gift will help FRC stand for all persecuted believers—anywhere.

In America, fellow Christians are being fired, threatened, shamed, financially depleted, labeled as “haters,” forced out of growing categories of career fields and more.

We need to stand against this momentum—and stop it.

FRC is working in Congress, state legislatures, the national media and the grassroots to overcome the Left’s hatred with the best research, facts and logic.

And recently we’ve had the opportunity to testify for persecuted Christians overseas before a U.S. Senate subcommittee and the United Nations.

That’s why I and thousands of others are self-identifying as Nasrani.

So please let me send you a Nasrani Pin as my thank you for your generous gift to advance faith, family and freedom through FRC’s mission. May God bless you as you stand.

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