Deterring Divorce

Clearly, America's embrace of no-fault divorce has weakened the institution of marriage, with disastrous fiscal, societal, and human consequences. The link between the emergence of no-fault divorce and the rapid rise in the nation's divorce rate is utterly indisputable.

Fortunately, state legislatures and communities are beginning to craft creative and effective ways for protecting marriage instead of undermining it. Covenant marriages, Community Marriage Policies, and pre-marital counseling show great promise for motivating couples considering marriage to enter matrimony with an eye to maintaining a lifetime commitment to each other.

Another encouraging sign is the number of states that are enacting or considering legislation that would lengthen the waiting period for divorce, reinstitute fault into divorce proceedings, and require pre-divorce counseling.

But these steps are only a beginning. Replacing the culture of divorce in America with a culture of marriage will require a lot of innovation, education, and hard work. 

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