Investigating Planned Parenthood and Research Using Aborted Babies

The purpose of this issue analysis is to investigate Planned Parenthood’s abortion practices and its harvesting of aborted babies.  This information is meant to synthesize what we know of Planned Parenthood, its aborted baby parts harvesting, the operations of biotech companies involved in this industry, and its end consumers, including NIH and FDA taxpayer-funded programs.  Planned Parenthood performs about 30 percent of all abortions in the U.S.


Part I delineates how many facilities at Planned Parenthood perform medication and surgical abortion, then examines how many Planned Parenthood facilities perform surgical abortions up to a certain limit. 

Part II shows state abortion limits.

Part III examines Planned Parenthood’s twenty affiliates that have participated in harvesting programs in the past five years using aborted babies.  Where available, primary source documents are linked that tie specific Planned Parenthood affiliates with biotech companies and end consumers.

Part IV links to all of the short videos, press releases and the full footage of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). 

Part V lists the states where Planned Parenthood investigations have occurred and states where defunding efforts are taking place.

Part VI lists all of the Congressional investigations of Planned Parenthood.

Part VII lists biotech companies that act as middlemen in the sale of procured baby parts, linking them to end consumers.

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