Left-Wing Anti-Semitism: The Greatest Campus Threat Is Ignored by the SPLC

The foremost group solely focused on tracking anti-Semitism at American institutions of higher learning states that there were over 1,700 anti-Semitic incidents that have occurred in the past three years (2015-2017). But outside large segments of the Jewish community, this grim reality appears to be virtually unknown. Within that community, however, an authoritative observer testified before Congress late last year that “[i]n the past several years, Jewish students on certain college campuses—not all, but a large number—have been subjected to unprecedented levels of anti-Jewish sentiment, leading many to feel uncomfortable participating in Jewish campus life or other campus activities whose participants are especially hostile to Jewish students.”

Most Americans would be mortified to learn that the colleges and universities to which they pay a king’s ransom have become safe havens for an increasingly noticeable anti-Semitism that has produced an environment of bullying, intimidation, and fear for Jewish students and academics. This newly minted anti-Semitism has entwined itself into the fabric of many educational institutions via a predominant multicultural ideology that pronounces Israel to be its enemy.

To add insult to injury for American liberals, many watchdog groups of the Civil Rights era, most notably the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), have turned a blind eye to this emerging Jew-hatred that fashionably casts itself as a critique of the creation of the state of Israel as just another instance of Western imperialism. Accordingly, Israel is derided as a “white,” “colonialist,” “oppressor state” that has imposed its “apartheid regime” in Palestine to suppress the predecessor Arab population residing there.

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