Family Research Council Commends NC Governor for Standing Up to DOJ's Bullying

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Family Research Council (FRC) commended Governor Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) for filing a lawsuit today against the Department of Justice (DOJ) in response to a DOJ letter threatening action because of a state law designating restrooms for men only and women only.

Since last week, more than 400,000 social media users have viewed a video ad produced by the Family Research Council calling out President Obama’s hypocrisy on the bathroom issue.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

“After nearly eight years of federal overreach, we are seeing state leaders stand up to Barack Obama’s effort to fundamentally transform America.   I commend Governor McCrory for his political courage and moral clarity in resisting the Obama administration.   If the White House can dictate the bathroom policies of America, what could possibly be beyond their reach? 

“Governor McCrory has already stared down big business seeking to topple North Carolina law.   Now, the governor is making clear he’s not going to be intimidated by President Obama's big government either.

"The governor rightly asserts that the Obama team can't simply rewrite a 50-year-old law to suit their agenda. Any changes to the law would need to go through the legislative process.

“Five federal departments are now investigating North Carolina with the threat of pulling federal funding from the state.  What does this say about the President’s priorities?  Obama’s obsession with bathroom politics is hurting his credibility on the real issues facing America.

“It's time for Congress to stand up and call the DOJ and DOE on the carpet for their unilateral redefinition of federal law. It's time for Republicans in Congress, who have the constitutional authority as a coequal branch of government, to bring the imperial White House under control,” concluded Perkins.

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Click here for Tony Perkins’ radio interview on Thursday with North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest:



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