Family Research Council Statement on New HHS Final Rule on Obamacare

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Earlier today, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule on Obamacare Section 1557’s non-discrimination provisions in healthcare services and coverage for physicians, hospitals, insurers, and other healthcare entities receiving federal funds. In the definition of “on the basis of sex,” the rule adds, among other things, gender identity and even abortion, termed in the final rule as “termination of pregnancy.” 
Family Research Council Vice President of Government Affairs, David Christensen, released the following statement:
“Family Research Council is strongly opposed to the new Obamacare final rule mandating federally funded health care providers offer services that include gender transition and even abortion. HHS’s final rule concocts out of thin air a redefinition of sex discrimination to include both gender identity and abortion.  This intolerant and unjust rule, in turn, threatens to force health care providers to participate in and perform services that substantially violate their consciences. HHS’s regulatory overreach to force “gender identity” into Obamacare through the language of “sex discrimination” mirrors the administration’s actions earlier today imposing gender identity on America’s public schools.  Despite concerns raised by FRC and others that the proposed rule also included abortion, the administration chose instead not to exclude it. This action erodes Americans’ freedom to believe and act in accordance with their beliefs, not only as it relates to the privacy of the bathrooms but also now when it comes to the taking of innocent human life. We urge Congress to address this gross injustice,” Christensen concluded.

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