TODAY: Arina Grossu to Testify Before Washington State Legislature in Support of Religious Freedom

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Arina Grossu, Director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council, will testify today before the Washington State legislature against H.B. 1523. Ms. Grossu will make a case for religious freedom and the right of conscience.

In Ms. Grossu’s testimony she explains the discriminatory implications of this mandate, "I urge you to reject passage of H.B. 1523 because its mandate is onerous. It forces all employers in Washington state to provide health plans that cover, free of charge, all Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved contraceptive drugs and devices, even those that can kill an embryo. This will result in discrimination against people who would be forced against their moral objections, to cooperate in and provide drugs and devices that can kill an embryo."

Ms. Grossu will explain how this mandate violates religious liberty and infringes on Washington residents' right of conscience. "H.B. 1523 clearly violates the principles of the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) and there is no state RFRA law to protect the consciences of Washington residents. H.B. 1523 imposes the same or greater burden on religious exercise which the Supreme Court already ruled violated the federal RFRA."

"FRC objects to both federal and state government mandates on drugs and devices that can destroy human life. H.B. 1523 is one such oppressive mandate, drafted in a way that can make it even more dangerous than the federal HHS Mandate when it comes to conscience violations. Whether or not you agree with the scientific facts presented about how drugs and devices such as Ella, Plan B, and some IUDs can destroy a human embryo, and whether or not you believe killing unborn human life is morally problematic, it is essential that the Washington government not force its residents who do have these objections to violate their conscience. We must protect religious liberty in Washington and all across America."

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