Family Research Council's Tony Perkins Speaks in Support of Jack Phillips at Supreme Court Rally

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins addressed a rally outside the United States Supreme Court in support of Colorado baker Jack Phillips. The rally sponsored by the Radiance Foundation and Alliance Defending Freedom marks the start to oral arguments for the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins made the following statement at today’s rally:

“Merry Christmas! You know, it’s okay to say ‘Merry Christmas’ and I say that not only as a greeting as we celebrate this festive time of year, but for what it represents here today. A lot of people, including a lot of reporters, missed or mocked the significance of having the freedom to openly, without fear of backlash, say ‘Merry Christmas.’ The reason is that our freedom of speech has been limited.

“According to Pew Research 92 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas and an overwhelming 81 percent believe the historical fact that Jesus was born in a manger, in Bethlehem, just as the Bible records. But the freedom to express that belief, and celebrate that event, has been suppressed in recent years by radical secularists and misguided governments officials -- including the previous occupant of the White House.

“Similarly, an overwhelming 81 percent of Americans, say we should be free to believe and live according to our beliefs. Whether that is to make a cake, whether that is to take photographs, or whether that is to arrange flowers, we are to be able to live according to our beliefs. And that’s the question being debated right now behind me in the Supreme Court. Can Americans be denied the ability to live and speak according to their beliefs and be forced to use their talents to speak a message that is the polar opposite of their beliefs? That’s what is being debated right now. If the court agrees that we can be forced to engage in a behavior and speech that counters our deeply held beliefs, folks I cannot think of something that is more un-American than that.

“We are here today supporting Jack Phillips and all of the Christians, and other Americans, who he represents. I hope the court will hear this and I hope the media hears this; all we want for Christmas is the freedom to speak and live according to our beliefs. Whether that’s at work, whether that’s at home, whether that’s in our place of worship, wherever we go, we simply want the freedom that our Constitution guarantees us, the freedom to believe and live according to those beliefs. Merry Christmas,” concluded Perkins.

To watch Mr. Perkins statement, click here.

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