FRC Calls Pres. Trump's UN Speech a Historic Step to Protect Religious Freedom for all Faiths

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 23, 2019
CONTACT: J.P. Duffy or Joshua Arnold, (866) FRC-NEWS or (866)-372-6397

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Family Research Council praised President Trump’s speech today promoting religious freedom around the world. The president outlined specific actions that the administration will take, including committing $25 million in funds to protect religious freedom, religious sites, and relics. Protecting houses of worship was one of the top recommendations by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s (USCIRF) 2019 annual report. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins attended the speech in his capacity as chair of USCIRF.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins stated:

“The president delivered a historic speech that goes beyond talking about international religious freedom to taking tangible steps that will lead to people of all faiths being able to securely and publicly worship.

“Not only is religious freedom a fundamental human right, as recognized by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but there is a growing body of research that shows that nations that uphold religious freedom have greater social and economic security - which indirectly makes all nations more secure, including the United States.

“No person, regardless of their faith, should have to assemble and worship God in fear of government oppression or terrorist attack,” concluded Perkins.