In first 100 days, President Biden has taken a record number of actions against life, family, and religious freedom tracked by FRC

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New tracking report shows 62 total executive actions, including 40 executive orders, in Biden's first 100 Days

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Family Research Council released a new resource today, "Tracking the Biden Administration" that details 62 total executive actions, including 40 executive orders, taken by President Biden in his first 100 days -- including 32 that undermine life, family, and religious freedom.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins issued the following statement:

"At the 100 day mark of the Biden administration, it has become evident that President Biden's call for unity and healing on day one of his presidency was nothing more than a rhetorical diversion, as he has demanded conformity to policies and priorities that threaten to lurch America to the Left in historic proportions.

"As our Tracking the Biden Administration report shows, President Biden has moved at a record setting pace to enact a far-Left, anti-family agenda. The Biden trophies of his 100-day sprint include returning to the pro-abortion policies of Barack Obama and forcing taxpayers back into a partnership with the abortion industry, both at home and abroad. He has made clear that he places no value on the inherent dignity of human life. His actions deny the truth that every human life, born and unborn, possesses inherent dignity and deserves to be treated with respect.

"He has already racked up a record of targeting people of faith and faith-based organizations by demoting religious protections and demanding uniform affirmation of the transgender ideology. Those who hold to biological reality and the doctrines of the world's major religions are being put in the position of either violating their consciences or being treated by the government as second-class citizens.

"President Biden has consistently assaulted the very biological reality and science he claims guides his administration as he bowed to powerful interests who insist that girls can be boys and boys can be girls. He has even ordered schools to abolish girls' sports and force boys and girls to use the same showers and locker rooms. By spending millions of defense dollars on gender reassignment surgeries, he is using the military to force moral and cultural change on society, which endangers our nation, as he must divert the military's focus away from its mission of fighting and winning wars so that he can pursue his mission.

"President Biden has surrounded himself with the most extreme cabinet in American history. Many of Biden's highest appointees have no qualifications besides their abortion activism and their track record of trampling on religious freedom.

"As this report shows, the contrast between the Trump and Biden administrations could not be more stark," concluded Perkins.

Travis Weber, Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs at Family Research Council, added:

"President Biden's words don't match his actions. His claim of unity rings hollow, as Biden's first 100 days in office have been marked with radical, aggressive, anti-life, anti-family, anti-freedom actions that have further divided our nation. His administration has moved more aggressively than any other to undo federal policies that protect the sanctity of life and defend the family. Any American who claims to value all human life, support the biological reality of the family, and want to protect freedom, should take note of Biden's abysmal record in these areas. His first 100 days proves it so," concluded Weber.

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