Supreme Court gives victory to religious liberty, children, says Family Research Council

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Family Research Council praised the 9-0 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in Fulton vs. Philadelphia today, which unanimously upheld the First Amendment right of Catholic Social Services (CSS). Although CSS has provided foster care services in Philadelphia for more than 200 years, in 2018 the city of Philadelphia stopped referring children to CSS because of the organization's religious belief in one-man, one-woman marriage. The court's decision today prohibits Philadelphia or any other government entity from discriminating against any organization because of their religious beliefs.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"The decision today by the Supreme Court is a substantial win for religious liberty. In a time of growing hostility towards religion the Supreme Court's reaffirmation of this fundamental freedom is even more critical.

"Despite the pitiful dearth of foster-care agencies in the United States, the Democratic stronghold of Philadelphia excluded a faith-based charity from helping to meet the growing need, based upon their religious beliefs that compel them to serve. If these and other government leaders really do care for the marginalized and needy as they claim, then they must realize you cannot rob charities of their religious beliefs and still expect their religious works that aid others. It is those very beliefs from which their service springs.

"Increasingly, the Left refuses to tolerate the slightest deviation from their political orthodoxy regardless of who suffers as a result. While we stop to celebrate and thank God that the Supreme Court reaffirmed religious liberty today, we are fully aware and prepared for the attacks of the Left on this fundamental, God-given freedom to continue unabated," concluded Perkins.

Katherine Beck Johnson, Research Fellow for Legal and Policy Studies at Family Research Council, stated:

"Today's unanimous decision is a clear win for religious liberty. While the Court will have more work to do in the months and years ahead, this opinion is a blow in favor of the First Amendment when it is increasingly under assault."

Mary Beth Waddell, Director of Federal Affairs for Family and Religious Liberty at Family Research Council, stated:

"Today's victory is a victory for the most vulnerable women, children, and families in our society. Many women facing unplanned pregnancy are in the darkest times of their lives and seek out faith-based organizations for help. This ruling helps ensure that they and their children will have every possible resource available to them."