FRC's Mary Szoch speaks at Supreme Court in favor of Texas's efforts to protect life

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Washington, D.C. -- Mary Szoch, Director of the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council, spoke earlier today at the U.S. Supreme Court after the Court heard oral arguments on the Texas Heartbeat Act, a law that protects unborn babies from being aborted once a heartbeat is detected. The case before the Court concerns the Texas Heartbeat Act's unique enforcement mechanism allowing private individuals to sue, and the question of whether the Biden administration's U.S. Department of Justice could intervene at this point in the case.

Mary Szoch, FRC's Director of the Center for Human Dignity, delivered the following remarks before the Court (while holding her infant son, Joseph):

"I'm Mary Szoch and this is my son, Joe. Joe is three and a half months old, and in four countries around the world, Joe could have been aborted right up until the moment of birth three and a half months ago. And sadly one of those countries is the land of the free--the United States. But not in Texas. Texas found a way to defend the unborn child in the womb. Texas found a way to say, 'the abortion movement will no longer prey upon our women and children.' And thank goodness, because the world could use a lot more Texans!"

Szoch adds, "In seven states within the US, three and a half months ago, he could have been aborted for any reason. Until two months ago, in all 50 states, at 20 weeks old--when he was kicking away--Joseph could have been aborted."

"But two months ago, Texas found a way to protect him. Texas found a way to stop an abortionist from stopping the beating heart of an unborn child! Since that point, the people of Texas have saved about 150 babies every day. May God bless Texas," concluded Szoch.