Mr. President, You are NO Friend of Israel

Ken Blackwell is Senior Fellow for Family Empowerment and Bob Morrison is Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at Family Research Council. This article appeared in The Christian Post on June 5, 2015.

President Obama, you recently gave an interview to Israeli television claiming you are "the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office." That's so far from the truth even a GPS cannot find it.

First, there was George Washington. His address to the Hebrew Congregation at Newport in 1790 was the first time in history any national leader spoke to the Jews as fully equal fellow citizens. Then, there was Thomas Jefferson, who thought the Great Seal of the United States should have been the Children of Israel and their Exodus from Egyptian bondage. President Lincoln was so beloved by American Jews that they called him "Rabbi Abraham."

Then there was FDR. President Roosevelt met the first King of Saudi Arabia. He didn't bow to him, Sir, as you did to that desert despot's son. But President Franklin D. Roosevelt insisted on holding Divine Services on board his warship, the USS Quincy, before his Sunday meeting with the Saudi king. Roosevelt got nowhere pleading with King Adbul Azziz for a homeland for the Jews. But at least he maintained his dignity and our national honor.

President Harry Truman recognized the State of Israel 11 minutes after it declared independence in 1948. Yet your administration refuses to recognize Israel's right to name its own capital. Israel is the only country on earth that you, Sir, refuse to so honor. Your administration says Jerusalem is "a subject for final status negotiations." Thus, you tacitly accept the Arab claim to Jerusalem as their capital. In three thousand years, Jerusalem was never anyone's capital except the Jews.

This is all the stranger, Mr. President, since you were the first candidate in history to go to Berlin. The United Nations was born of the wartime alliance against Nazi Germany.

Today's Germany is a model democracy, to be sure (except for its persecution of homeschoolers). Still, united Germany can move its capital to Berlin and you're fine with that. But you think Israel cannot name its own capital?

No less an historic figure than Winston Churchill said: "Let the Jews have Jerusalem; it is they who made it famous." We would amend that. It is God who made it famous, but He used the Jews to do so. But we forget, President Obama: You threw the Churchill bust out of the Oval Office into the snow in your first week. (Figuratively, of course.)

Starving survivors of the concentration camps in World War II said: "We didn't have bread, but we had Churchill." You made it clear that this great friend of the Jews is no friend of yours.

Then, there is your State Department practice of counting Jews in Jerusalem. Richard Nixon once ordered his subordinates to count the Jews in the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There was a huge stink and should have been.

You have gone Nixon a step further. When threatened Jews leave Malmö, Sweden, or even Paris, and make aliyah to Israel, they have to have someplace to live. And your administration denounces Israel for building apartments for Jews in Jerusalem.

Iran's mullahs back terrorist Hamas in Gaza. Hamas sends rockets against Israeli homes, schools, and hospitals. They are re-building Metro-size tunnels so they can emerge to kill and capture Israelis.

Young Israeli mothers have just 15 seconds to get their kids out of their car seats and into roadside rocket shelters when they hear the air raid sirens go off. Yet your administration demands that Israel give up more territory to these terrorists who want to wipe Israel off the map.

You personally arm-twisted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into apologizing for stopping a Turkish ship that ran the Israeli blockade of Hamas in Gaza.

President Obama, you went on to express your personal pain in a most affecting way: "For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts."

We certainly do not say you are an anti-Semite. We do say you lead the most anti-Israel administration in U.S. history.

We believe that you sincerely think your overtures to Iran's murderous mullahs will somehow be helpful to Israel. We disagree.

The mullahs invented suicide bombing. They used this new terror weapon on U.S. Marines and Navy Corpsmen in Beirut in 1983, killing 241 of our countrymen.

Christians who are unequivocal Friends of Israel will be joining our colleague, Tony Perkins, on a tour of the Holy Land this fall. These Christians will show their support for the Jewish State not with fine phrases but with friendship rooted in faith.

For this administration, it is not too late to change course. Benjamin Disraeli famously said "The Lord deals with the Nations as the Nations deal with the Jews." It was one of Churchill's favorite sayings.

Mr. President: You can still adopt that view. You can turn your policy around.

Again, it is not our purpose to wound your feelings. If people think your administration is anti-Israel, it is only because they watch carefully what you are saying and doing. That may be hurtful, Sir, but the truth hurts.