Middle Schoolers Gets a Crass Course in Sex Ed

Middle Schoolers Gets a Crass Course in Sex Ed

January 17, 2017

What's the difference between a dirty magazine and Colorado's sex-ed curriculum? The curriculum's free! That's the shocking reality at Fox Ridge Middle School, where parents are up in arms over an online portal that wouldn't get past most internet filters. A local family stumbled on the materials when they were checking their child's password access at school. Now, they're exposing what the district never intended moms and dads to see: a controversial sex education site filled with erotica, advice on performing certain acts, homosexual propaganda, information on bondage, and much more.

But what may be more disturbing is that school officials, when confronted about the inappropriate content, actually pointed the finger at parents claiming they were "breaking school policy" by logging on to the materials. The portal is password-protected for a reason, the district argued. As if that weren't enough, officials cited the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as one supporter of the curriculum. (As if that's comforting! SPLC is not only radically pro-LGBT, but linked to the first case of domestic terrorism in D.C. by a federal court.) Stunned, a group of parents reached out for help in stopping the pornographic onslaught. After accessing several of the images and articles, MassResistance helped moms and dads confront the district. Not only did the board members and school officials admit the material was available to students but "they simply do not see a problem with it."

Fortunately, though, the uproar has triggered a deeper investigation. "We will continue to review all of the resources and materials provided to students and will take the appropriate action regarding materials not suitable for use," a spokesman said for the Denver-area district. In the meantime, one dad vowed, "We will attend every school board meeting in perpetuity until this stuff is taken off." Thank goodness for parents who took the time to look at their kids' curriculum. Too many families don't do their homework about what their children are learning! Don't be one of them.

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