Libs' Interest in Ex-Im Bank Skyrockets

Libs' Interest in Ex-Im Bank Skyrockets

September 26, 2017

President Trump is still trying to fill hundreds of empty offices in his administration -- and liberals have no intention of helping him. As if the confirmation process weren't slow enough, the Left is adding to the logjam with a barrage of smear campaigns and outside attacks. And nominees like former Congressman Scott Garrett are their targets.

For months, liberal activists have been trying to sink the pro-family leader's bid to head the Export-Import Bank, an agency President Trump wasn't even convinced he wanted to keep. Like the EPA and IRS, the new administration has reconsidered -- under the condition that a principled leader will help clean up the waste and mess left behind by eight years of Barack Obama. Scott Garrett was Donald Trump's choice to do exactly that.

But as usual, the New Jersey leader is too conservative for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's taste. In a letter to the Senate Banking Committee that oversees his confirmation, it blasts Garrett for opposing the Ex-Im Bank when he was in Congress. "Mr. Garrett has failed to in any way publicly describe any change of heart towards Ex-Im to explain why he now wants to lead the organization that he spent so much of his career trying to shutter, nor has he committed to returning Ex-Im to a fully functional state," wrote Senior Executive Vice President Suzanne Clark. Nevermind that his objections to the Bank are the very reason Trump chose him to reform it.

That doesn't seem to matter to the Chamber, which, many would agree, hasn't represented most businesses in America for years. Instead, it's been hijacked by radical LGBT activists, who would like nothing more than to keep conservatives like Garrett from positions of leadership. If they succeed, some warn, it will be Americans who suffer. As far as the White House is concerned, the Bank is "another form of corporate welfare" and Garrett would be the first line of defense. He would "refocus Ex-Im on its original mission of providing support for the businesses that truly need it while protecting taxpayers." Let's hope the Senate tunes out the critics and gives him a chance to prove them wrong.

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