Kennedy Gives the Nod to Trump Pick

Kennedy Gives the Nod to Trump Pick

December 01, 2017

When Americans turn up the heat, don't be surprised when leaders see the light! That's what happened yesterday, after many of you took the time to contact Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) about his handling of a solid nominee for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The Louisiana Republican had baffled conservatives by dragging his feet for weeks on one of Donald Trump's best judicial picks of the year, Kyle Duncan.

Now, after a month of indecision, Senator Kennedy announced late yesterday that he will, in fact, support Duncan's nomination. "After hearing his testimony and watching him gracefully handle the scrutiny of a public hearing, I am confident that Kyle Duncan will be a welcome addition to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit," he explained. "I plan to vote in favor of him and look forward to welcoming him home to Louisiana."

The news came as quite a relief to the White House and Senate Republicans, who stood to lose the vote without Kennedy's backing. To clear up any skepticism about his own record, the senator told reporters that his concerns weren't with Duncan's views or his credentials. His objections were to the administration's handling of the nomination, which fellow Louisianan Bill Cassidy (R) couldn't understand. "While introducing Duncan at the hearing Wednesday that a committee he'd organized vetted potential nominees for the 5th Circuit and sent Duncan's name to the White House along with 'two or three or four' others. Kennedy, according to Cassidy, had the chance to look at those names."

Either way, this is another example of the kind of difference Americans can make when they take the time to get involved. History shows that our republic only works when people get engaged. Our thanks to those of you who did!

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