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  • Marriage Haves And Have-Nots Don't Have To Square Off

    by Jessica Prol Smith

    February 12, 2015: 'Tis the season to face down the chubby, flying angel-babies armed with bows and arrows; to indulge in high-calorie confections of cocoa and sugar; and browse over Groupon ads for outrageously discounted diamonds.

  • Turning the 'War on Women' to the 'War for Women'

    by Jessica Prol Smith

    July 16, 2014: Wikipedia, that encyclopedic shaman of our Internet age, defines "War on Women" as "an expression used in United States politics that characterizes certain Republican Party policies as a wide-scale assault on women's rights, especially reproductive rights."

  • Did They Believe in Birth Control?

    by Jessica Prol Smith

    May 20, 2013: "Did they believe in birth control?" Always an awkward question, when asked about your grandparents. I was a sheltered high school student when the question first came.

  • March for Life marks 40 years of abortion law

    by Jessica Prol Smith

    January 25, 2013: Her name is Naomi, and she has not yet been born. If mom and dad have guessed correctly, she is about 28 weeks old. The pregnancy growth trackers suggest that Naomi is the size of an eggplant, beginning to breathe on her own, and capable of sucking her own toes.

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