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  • Hiding Obamacare's abortion coverage

    by Anna Higgins

    December 23, 2013: Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has been embroiled in controversy surrounding the less-than-stellar rollout of Obamacare this fall.

  • Abortion Coverage in the Maryland Health Exchange

    by Anna Higgins

    December 19, 2013: Editor's Note: This column was co-authored by Elizabeth Morrison. As the Family Research Council (FRC) discovered while reviewing healthcare plans in the D.C. health exchange, it is almost impossible for consumers to get accurate information regarding which plans cover elective abortion. The Maryland Health Exchange is turning out to be no different.

  • Cornelia Pillard is unfit for the D.C. Circuit Court

    by Anna Higgins

    November 06, 2013: I have a son. I have the joy and responsibility of nurturing and raising him. I carried him for 9 months, all while balancing work and new motherhood duties, as do countless other women.

  • D.C. Obamacare Exchange Plans All Pay For Abortion

    by Anna Higgins

    October 30, 2013: States around the country have now rolled out their health care exchange plans, which allow citizens without health insurance to choose private health care plans or Multi-State Plans (MSPs) in exchanges created by either the state or the federal government.

  • Erring on the side of the living

    by Anna Higgins and David Prentice

    October 06, 2013: Some have called into question the legitimacy of laws directed at preventing abortions on preborn children capable of feeling pain. They suggest that preborn children cannot experience pain prior to 24 weeks of gestation, and thus, banning abortion prior to 24 weeks has no justification in terms of avoiding of fetal pain. Many think that the brain cortex, which forms around 23 weeks, is necessary for the unborn to experience pain. The evidence suggests otherwise.

  • One state protects unborn children with disabilities

    by Anna Higgins

    September 27, 2013: In a land of "liberty" and "opportunity," it is hard to imagine a person's worth being assigned to him based on his ability. But this is exactly what we do when we allow elective abortion based on a genetic abnormality diagnosis.

  • Pro-Life Bill Protects The Most Vulnerable

    by Anna Higgins

    July 02, 2013: Many abortion supporters have been careful to condemn the actions of Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of murder for killing babies born alive after botched abortions.

  • Halt arbitrary fetal euthanasia: Opposing view

    by Anna Higgins

    July 01, 2013: The trial of Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell brought the gruesome nature of late-term abortion to the forefront of the national consciousness. A recent Gallup poll indicates that Americans overwhelmingly support banning later abortions.

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