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  • Families and Charitable Organizations, The Foundation of American Society

    by Connor Semelsberger

    June 15, 2020: Churches and other charitable organizations have been on the front lines of the coronavirus response. A few examples are Samaritan's Purse building a field hospital in New York City's Central Park and churches hosting food drives and conducting coronavirus testing. One Alabama church tested 1,000 people in two days! Despite the active role these nonprofits have taken in meeting the health and economic needs of our country, they still rely on donations-at a time when many Americans face financial hardship due to job loss, limited working hours, or increased medical costs. Such hardships may lead to a decline in charitable donations. Thankfully, some leaders on Capitol Hill are championing the important role churches and charitable organizations play in helping local communities.

  • Why Are Catholics Turning on the Little Sisters?

    by Connor Semelsberger

    May 11, 2020: Today, the Little Sisters of the Poor were back at the U.S. Supreme Court, hoping finally to bring their eight-year legal battle to an end. While several of the justices seemed inclined to side with the Trump administration's expanded religious exemptions to the contraceptive mandate, I've been surprised to see much of the opposition to the Little Sisters and other religious entities who adhere to the teachings of the Church coming from some of my fellow Catholics. This odd trend raises troubling questions about the November election: how many Catholics will vote for or against Catholic politicians whose policies contradict our faith?

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