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  • The Sexual Revolution and sex abuse scandals: A Protestant take on Pope Benedict's letter

    by David Closson

    April 29, 2019: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI recently surprised church observers by weighing in on the Roman Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal. In an almost 6,000-word article published in Germany, Benedict argued that clerical sexual abuse could be traced to the moral transformation that transpired during the sexual revolution of the 1960s. The rejection of biblical morality and absolute truth, Benedict said, has led to the "dissolution of the Christian concept of morality."

  • Biden, Pence and the Left's 'Decency' Standard

    by David Closson

    March 13, 2019: A controversy surrounding the surreal question of whether Vice President Mike Pence is "a decent guy" signals the next round of liberal culture shaming that has the potential to galvanize those who make up President Trump's often castigated supporters. Consider that if the "deplorables" from 2016 become the "indecents" in 2020, not only will Democratic political ambitions suffer, the nation's decorum and ability to have rational debate will devolve to a new low.

  • Religious Freedom Day

    by David Closson

    January 16, 2019: Since 1993, the president has formally recognized January 16th as Religious Freedom Day. The day marks the anniversary of the passage of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which cut formal ties between the Church of England and the state of Virginia.

  • Season for Giving to Religious Groups

    by David Closson

    December 06, 2018: It's Christmas time. And according to the National Retail Federation, Americans are on pace to spend a record amount of money on holiday gifts this year, $465 billion or an average or $700 a person. But as Americans spend billions of dollars on toys and goodies for one another, they are also expected to donate a record amount to charity this year, surpassing the previous record of $410.02 billion given to charitable organizations in 2017.

  • Evangelicals Power Republicans to Senate Victories

    by David Closson

    November 14, 2018: Results in a handful of House races are still being counted. The Democrats returned to power in the House. And the GOP expanded its power in the Senate. The GOP holds in the Ohio, Florida, and Iowa governor races also loom large for 2020.

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