International Religious Freedom: What It Is and Why You Should Care

A global crisis is unfolding, one not often acknowledged. Attacks on religious freedom against those of all faiths continue to mount in many regions of the world. Over 80 percent of the world’s population lives in countries with high levels of governmental or societal religious oppression.

Christians should care about international religious freedom for several reasons. First, because God calls us to care for the persecuted church, the downtrodden, and those who cannot help themselves (Psalm 82:3-4, Isaiah 1:17, James 1:27). Second, because Christian theology aligns with the principles of religious freedom. God does not coerce us into believing; likewise, we should not use government to coerce others. True faith must always be a free choice. Third, there are practical humanitarian benefits when religious freedom thrives, leading to freer, safer, and more prosperous societies for those that embrace it. For all these reasons, Christians should advocate for societies in which everyone can freely choose and live out their faith.

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