Why Every Church Should Start a Christian School

Nearly 90 percent of children raised in Christian homes spend 30 to 35 hours a week in public schools typically run by people who do not espouse a biblical worldview. The goal of many parents is to keep children in a secular educational environment for 12 years until they are deemed academically ready to go to an institution of higher learning where the hostility to the faith of their parents is likely much more intense.

To paraphrase Voddie Baucham, if we send our kids to be educated by Caesar, we have no right to be surprised if they act like Romans.

This is why every church needs to start a Christian school. We don’t need to retreat from the world, we need to build the communities and institutions that allow the gospel to be the most significant influence on our children. We have to stop outsourcing education.

As a result of the recent Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue Supreme Court decision, vouchers and tax-credits can now be used to send kids to Christian schools. This gives Christian parents an unprecedented educational opportunity to move their children from a harmful school environment into an ideal one.

But two things have to happen first. State legislatures have to pass or expand school choice laws and churches need to start enough schools so that there are real, quality alternatives for Christian families. Let’s get to work.

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