Family Research Council Praises Draft HHS Regulation Protecting Little Sisters of the Poor, Religious Liberty

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today a draft copy of a Department of Health and Human Services regulation was leaked that would implement President Donald Trump’s executive order protecting religious liberty for all Americans. The leaked HHS regulation, if accurate, will ensure people with religious beliefs and actions are not punished by the federal government if they follow their beliefs.  

On the HHS leaked regulation regarding the unfair HHS contraceptive mandate, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins commented:

“While this apparent leaked document is a draft, it is a very positive sign to see the federal government work to cease its hostility toward Christians and those who object to the Obama era health care mandates.  This draft regulation shows that Secretary Tom Price and President Trump intend to make good on their pledge to vigorously protect and promote Americans' First Freedom.   

“As many Americans of faith have experienced, the extent of the Obama administration’s hostility toward their beliefs was astounding. From President Obama’s dismissal of people of faith as Americans ‘clinging’ to their religion, to threatening millions in crushing fines against charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Obama administration made clear they believed people of faith had no place in the public square and that religious beliefs or moral convictions were irrelevant to the health care they provide.

“Respecting the freedom of Americans to follow their deeply held beliefs is a long-held American tradition and grounded firmly in the Constitution. The draft regulation would continue the process of righting this wrong and restoring Americans’ full First Amendment rights. The freedom to live out faith in all areas of society without government punishment or intimidation is fundamental to making America great again,” concluded Perkins. 

To review FRC’s amicus brief in Zubik v. Burwell case, please see:   


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