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Prayer Targets: Shake up at the State Department; Adoption in Crisis

March 14, 2018

Jesus said, "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 19:14)

Dear Praying Friends,

R.A. Torrey (1856-1928) led multiplied thousands to Christ during his 76 years. As pastor of a large Los Angeles church and dean of a Bible college, he conducted in evangelistic campaigns around the world. These edited excerpts are from his classic book, How to Pray.

Church -- Wake Up! It was a masterstroke of Satan when he got the church to so generally lay aside this mighty weapon of prayer. Satan is perfectly willing that the church multiply its organizations and contrive machinery for the conquest of the world for Christ if it will only give up praying. He laughs as he looks at the church to-day and says to himself: "You can have your Sunday-schools and your Young People's Societies, your Young Men's Christian Associations and your Women's Christian Temperance Unions, your Institutional Churches and your Industrial Schools, and your Boy's Brigades, your grand choirs and your fine organs, your brilliant preachers and your revival efforts too, if you don't bring the power of Almighty God into them by earnest, persistent, believing, mighty prayer." Prayer could work as marvelous results today as it ever could, if the church would only betake itself to it.

There seem to be increasing signs that the church is awakening to this fact. Here and there God is laying upon individual ministers and churches a burden of prayer that they have never known before. Less dependence is being put upon machinery and more dependence upon God. Ministers are crying to God day and night for power. Churches and portions of churches are meeting together in the early morning hours and the late-night hours crying to God for the latter rain. There is every indication of the coming of a mighty and widespread revival. There is every reason why, if a revival should come in any country at this time, it should be more widespread in its extent than any revival of history. There is the closest and swiftest communication by travel, by letter, and by cable between all parts of the world. A true fire of God kindled in America would soon spread to the uttermost parts of the earth. The only thing needed to bring this fire is prayer. It is not necessary that the whole church get to praying to begin with. Great revivals always begin first in the hearts of a few men and women whom God arouses by His Spirit to believe in Him as a living God, as a God who answers prayer, and upon whose heart He lays a burden from which no rest can be found except in importunate crying unto God. May God arouse many others to pray that the greatly-needed revival may come, and come speedily. (R.A. Torrey, How to Pray, Whitaker House)

This is precisely where we are today. The nation is divided and the culture is imploding. Forty-five years after Roe v. Wade, we continue to "legally" kill almost a million babies a year, many at taxpayer expense. America will not survive if we continue in this pattern of moral and spiritual decline. But the praying church is arousing itself. And this year, 2018, is the year God's people must unite and pray. Christian churches and organizations that understand this are joining together this year to create a year-round rhythm of prayer across America, beginning with the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 3rd, as well as Call2Fall on Sunday July 1st, which will be the first of 31 Days of Prayer for our nation (more information to come). Our nation's spiritual decline is behind all our problems today. By praying year-round, we will stand in the gap to defend our faith, families, and freedom, especially religious freedom. But we must not only defend but advance spiritual and moral ground through our prayers, winning souls and impacting every institution and sphere in our culture for righteousness.

Shake up in the State Department -- On Tuesday, President Trump announced that he would replace Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Tillerson's possible ouster has been the object of much speculation since October of last year, when he reportedly called the president "a moron." But there have also been moments of public disagreement between them that have made many Americans wonder. Of major concern to FRC and our pro-family allies across the nation have been Tillerson's slowness to root out the "deep state" in the State Department, and his failure to end radical Obama-era policies that misrepresented the values and spirit of the American people.

Coincidentally, FRC President Tony Perkins, in an e-mail letter to supporters, sent just hours before the president's announcement, warned of the State Department's shocking and dangerous policies. He wrote:

U.S. diplomats serving overseas are actively promoting and funding a radical new vision of America -- including abortion-on-demand, marriage "equality," LGBT rights, and measures meant to cause unrest and civil disobedience in conservative countries... it is so bad that several foreign leaders that I have met with recently are afraid to oppose the U.S. State Department's radical new policies for fear of retribution... The State Department doles out billions in foreign aid under their USAID program. And this is where the problems begin. Recently it was revealed that the left-wing atheist billionaire, George Soros, is receiving massive funding from the State Department in the form of grants. Why is the State Department funding George Soros' international operations? Soros is the same man who helped the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group in Egypt, funded the violent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, and channeled millions into Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's election campaigns and is now trying to crush democracy in countries, such as Macedonia, with State Department dollars.

Tony also spoke out when Tillerson, the former Chairman of Exxon, was forwarded as a candidate for DOS Secretary, warning of his record on abortion and his role with the Boy Scouts of America during their decision to embrace the LGBT agenda.

Former Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) had substantial opposition to his confirmation as CIA Director. He has done an excellent job at the CIA. But experts say that the Democrats will do all they can to defeat his Senate confirmation as Secretary of State.

The State Department represents the American people and our values to the nations of the world. In recent years we have not been the City on a Hill our Forefathers envisioned, fostering righteousness, justice, and liberty at home and abroad. (See Hope at State with Pompeo at Helm; FRC Statement on Mike Pompeo; Breitbart: Tillerson Tenure Highlights; Help FRC in our Efforts)

  • May God guide President Trump and his appointees in their extraordinarily challenging task of "draining the swamp." May the resistance against Mike Pompeo be amazingly neutralized and may he swiftly be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. (1 Kg 10:4-9; Ps 75:6; Pr 21:1; 2 Chr 1:9-12Mt 25:23; Lk 8:35; 1 Cor 4:2)

Adoption in Crisis -- Nothing is more beautiful than the biblical truth of Adoption--that all believers are adopted into the family of God through the new birth of baptism -- putting their faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ. Natural adoption is also very important, especially when four out of 10 births in America are out of wedlock, and four out of 10 unmarried women who find themselves pregnant choose to abort their baby. I will not expound upon these facts except to say we must foster public policies to allow and encourage adoption and not abortion. Changes in U.S. Tax law have offered help to reduce the overall cost of adopting a child. But the cost of adoption continues to increase.

Moreover, Christian adoption agencies and services have been under open assault during the last few years. Many agencies that place children for adoption only in Christian homes, and/or agencies that will place children only in the home of a married opposite sex couple (that meet many other standards like moral health and stability) have become subjects of lawsuits, discrimination charges, etc. Catholic Charities was forced to close its adoption services in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. after being forced by authorities to choose between placing children in same-sex couple homes or closing. Now, as in many other spheres, LGBT activists are aggressively filing discrimination complaints, taking adoption agencies to court, and attempting to force the closure of agencies that maintain fidelity to religious faiths and standards.

Oklahoma legislators are working to protect adoption agencies, and a number of states already have laws to protect faith-based adoption agencies (e.g., Ala., S.D., Texas), but others are facing harsh opposition from pro-LGBT activists who want to force these agencies to violate their consciences. At stake, of course, are not just cakes, or photographs, or even jobs and businesses, but the lives of little babies and older children, created in the image of God, who deserve to be placed with families who want to be faithful to God's lawfully created order. Not surprisingly, George Soros' Media Matters is working to oppose our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) who are doing everything they can to defend the freedom of adoption agencies to place children in the best possible home. (See Gay Rights Group Launches Campaign to Stop Bill; New Movie on Adoption; Georgia Bill; Media Matters Little in Soros-Funded Distraction)

  • May God intervene to support "these little ones," nearest and dearest to His heart. May those who seek to "offend them" tremble in their shoes for violating Almighty God to His face! May God have mercy upon all and help ADF and each of the legislatures to pass laws that are just and right, laws that promote and support the kind of adoption ministries that God will bless. (Gen 1:27; Is 33:22; Mt 18:5-7; Mt 19:5-6; Eph 1:4-6; 6:4; Heb 13:4)

Just two main targets this week. Thank you for praying!