Quena González, Director, State & Local Affairs

Quena Gonzalez

Director of State & Local Affairs

Quena González leads Family Research Council's state government affairs team. Under the direction of the Vice President for Policy & Government Affairs, his team advances state laws aligned with FRC's federal policy objectives, quarterbacking every stage from introduction through enactment and analyzing more than 1,000 state bills each year along the way. He directs FRC's partnership with the Family Policy Councils, a national network of independent state policy organizations that share FRC's commitment to the great issues of our day: life, family, and religious liberty. He has been involved in dozens of pro-family public policy campaigns and is a long-time observer of the pro-family movement.

Prior to coming to FRC in 2011, Quena worked for nearly a decade in Washington as a Capitol Hill staffer, as a consultant, and as a non-profit entrepreneur helping bootstrap a public policy think tank. He enjoys sampling regional cuisine, working with power tools, and losing to his kids at Twister. (He is, however, undefeated at Pinochle.)

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