Quena Gonzalez

Senior Director of Government Affairs

Quena González leads Family Research Council's government affairs division. Under the direction of the Vice President for Policy & Government Affairs, he directs FRC's federal and state legislative policy agendas on life, family, and religious liberty. He also directs FRC's partnership with the Family Policy Councils, a national network of independent state policy organizations that share FRC's commitment to the great issues of our day. During his first decade at FRC Quena led FRC's State & Local office from a single position to a team of four that tracked hundreds of state bills each year across 60+ issue areas.

Quena is a Washington veteran. Prior to coming to FRC in 2011, he worked for nearly a decade as a Capitol Hill staffer on human rights, as a consultant, and as a non-profit entrepreneur helping bootstrap an environmental public policy think tank. He has been involved in dozens of pro-family public policy campaigns and is a long-time observer of the pro-family movement. He and his wife spend their time trying to keep up with their three amazing boys.

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