State Policy Brief: Total Abortion Bans

Total Abortion Bans

Family Research Council recommends and supports Total Abortion Bans. Life begins at conception, and pro-life legislative initiatives are strongest when they are consistent with this truth.

Total Abortion Bans recognize the unborn have the right to life, prohibit abortion at all stages (the definition of abortion excludes actions taken that attempt to save the life of the mother or the child), establish a criminal penalty for noncompliance, indemnify the woman (i.e., absolve her of legal liability), and create a cause of action for the state to enforce the law.

Key Points:

  • Life begins at conception. Total Abortion Bans recognize this fact and prohibit abortion at all stages.
  • Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey prevent states from protecting unborn life in all circumstances. So far no pro-life legislation has resulted in a successful challenge to these bad precedents.
  • Total Abortion Bans directly counter the Supreme Court's flawed arguments in Roe and Casey that constitutionalized a right to abortion.

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