Suzanne Bowdey

Senior Writer

Suzanne Bowdey serves as Editorial Director and Senior Writer for The Washington Stand, Family Research Council’s news outlet. In her role, she drafts commentary on topics such as life, consumer activism, media and entertainment, sexuality, education, religious freedom, and other issues that affect the institutions of marriage and family. Over the years, her columns have been featured in publications ranging from the Washington Times to Christian Post. 

Since 2006, Suzanne has also overseen the schedule and speakers for FRC Action’s Pray Vote Stand Summit (formerly the Values Voter Summit). And from 2020-2021, she produced FRC’s weekly broadcast, “Pray Vote Stand.” 

In between her tours of duty at FRC, she worked as Projects Director at the American Conservative Union, managing key aspects of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), and as Communications Director at the Best Friends Foundation, an inner-city, school-based abstinence program with 5,000 participants.

During her first stint at FRC, she held the positions of grant writer, culture studies policy analyst, and writer of both the Washington Update and Washington Watch, FRC's daily commentaries on political issues and trends.

Suzanne is a graduate of Taylor University in Upland, Ind., with majors in both English Writing and Political Science.

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Suzanne Bowdey, Senior Writer