Addressing our Military's Mental Health Crisis Through Faith-Based Solutions
May 9, 2019 12:00 ET

Recently President Trump signed an Executive Order that has the potential of lowering the suicide rate in our military/veteran community for the first time. Donald Trump is the first President in modern times to see the potential of faith-based solutions to this national health crisis of military/veteran suicide. Currently, an average of 21 military/veterans are taking their lives each day. This is after 15 years of studies and over 900 suicide prevention programs at the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration and billions of dollars spent. Join Richard Glickstein as he shares the compelling evidence that proves faith-based solutions reduce suicides, speed the recovery of PTSD, and build resiliency.

Richard Glickstein is a Military/Veteran Advocate in the area of PTSD and Suicide. He petitions the Executive Branch and Congress to create legislation and policy change that allows for faith-based solutions to the PTSD/suicide crisis among our military/veteran community. Prior to serving in this capacity, Richard was the President of the National Bible Association for ten years. For twenty-five years, he served in the Christian ministry in Russia, the Former Soviet Union and the United States. He is married, has six children and seven grandchildren.

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