Should We Pull Our Kids Out of Public School?
February 5, 2019 12:00 ET

Millions of parents with children in public schools can't believe they're asking this question. But they are. What is different now? The gender revolution. It's a game-changer -- and it affects every child. Schools now affirm gender confusion... for everyone... and there are no do-overs on childhood. Almost overnight, America's public schools have become morally toxic. And they are especially poisonous for the hearts and minds of children from religious families of every faith -- ordinary families who value traditional morality and plain old common sense. Parents' first duty is to their children -- to their intellect, their character, their souls. Author Mary Hasson of the Ethics and Public Policy Center argues in her new book that the facts on the ground point to one conclusion: Get Out Now!

Activist Meg Kilgannon says there's too much public money on the table to just leave it to liberals to use as they wish to ruin our nation's children. Yes, the progressive Left has taken over education, but only because the Right has let them. While conservatives bicker endlessly about charter schools vs. vouchers, leftists are happily spending our tax money molding the nation's young minds in their image. If conservative and Christian families leave, what about the children left behind? Not to mention the trillions of public dollars left to be spent? If public schools aren't good enough for my kids, they aren't good enough for anyone's. The Right needs to stop bashing government schools and instead roll up our sleeves and clean up the mess. We didn't make it, but we let it happen. How long are we going to let it go? How bad does it have to get before we finally say enough is enough?

Everyone can agree that Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It's Too Late is a great wake up call. Stay or go, parents have a hard road ahead. Please join our lively discussion on February 5th.

Mary Rice Hasson, J.D. is the Kate O'Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C. She also directs the Catholic Women's Forum, a network of Catholic professional women and scholars seeking to amplify the voice of Catholic women in support of human dignity, authentic freedom, and Catholic social teaching. Mary is an expert on topics related to women, faith, culture, family, sexual morality, and gender ideology. She was the keynote speaker for the Holy See during the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in both 2017 ("The Distinctiveness of Women's Work and Women's Empowerment") and 2018 ("The Integral Education of Rural Women and Girls").

Mary's writing has appeared in a variety of websites, policy journals, and scholarly publications, including The Federalist, the Washington Examiner, Our Sunday Visitor, The National Catholic Register, and First Things. Mary's new book, Get out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It's Too Late, is a clarion call to parents to consider how they should educate their children in the current morally toxic environment.

Meg Kilgannon is the former Executive Director of Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County, a 1000+ member organization of parents and citizens. CPEFC monitors and lobbies school board members on issues important to parents, crafts effective messaging for citizen speakers at school board meetings, advocates for common sense, family friendly curriculum, budgeting, and policies, and empowers ethnic and minority communities to engage in local politics. Ms. Kilgannon also serves as Operations Director for, a parent research group which evaluates the K-12 sex education (Family Life) program for Fairfax County Public Schools and has published a color-coded guide for parents to encourage opting out of the program, and has organized educational conferences to inform parents about the program and its content. Ms. Kilgannon is a FertilityCare Practitioner/Entrepreneur, providing counsel and instruction on charting bio-markers to maximize health, advising women struggling with infertility, and speaking at conferences and workshops. Ms. Kilgannon previously worked as an account executive for Creative Response Concepts and director of media relations for the United Seniors Association. Ms. Kilgannon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Politics from Washington & Lee University, and is married with four children.

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