Hillary Clinton Didn't Get the Memo

Hillary Clinton Didn't Get the Memo

November 28, 2016

If Democratic Party leaders in Washington care to know why Hillary Clinton lost -- garnering the fewest electoral votes by a Democratic nominee since 1988 -- they might want to consider talking to David Betras, who serves as the chairman of the Mahoning County Democratic Party in Ohio. Betras blames Clinton's loss on the Democratic Party caring "more about where someone else went to the restroom than whether they had a good-paying job."

Last May, the county chairman sent the Clinton campaign a 1,300-word memo expressing concern about the campaign's lack of focus on issues of concern to "blue collar voters" who "are, to put it mildly, less than enthusiastic about HRC's positions on trade and the economy." The memo was sent the same month the Obama administration announced a nationwide edict forcing every school to open locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms to both biological sexes. However, the Clinton campaign apparently didn't "get" this memo nor acknowledge the scores of groups including FRC who drew attention to the Left's obsession with bathrooms. The same day the edict was issued, Hillary Clinton applauded it and even pledged as president to continue the "fight."

What is driving Clinton and the Left's fixation with bathrooms? Certainly not public opinion, as national and state battleground polls revealed strong opposition to the school edict. A WPA research survey commissioned by Family Research Council found two-thirds of American adults opposed the edict -- including nearly half of Democratic voters. Even the left-leaning Quinnipiac reported only 36 percent of Ohio voters supported the locker room/shower mandate. In direct contrast with the Republican Party platform, the Democratic Party platform -- with the support of Clinton -- doubled down on President Obama's bathroom edict. The only explanation for championing a cause that so many Americans oppose is that the LGBT lobby has seized control of the Democratic Party.

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