Airline's Decision Flies in the Face of Left's Logic

Airline's Decision Flies in the Face of Left's Logic

March 13, 2017

If North Carolina tourism is suffering from HB 2, you could have fooled us! People aren't just coming to the Tarheel State, they're flocking to it. So much so that Virgin Airlines is actually adding more direct flights to and from Raleigh-Durham International (RDU). And in what can only be described as irony, the biggest demand has been from a city no one would have guessed: San Francisco. Turns out, the LGBT community isn't exactly shunning the state for its privacy law. On the contrary, a Virgin spokesman said, "RDU is a very desirable destination." "Our strategy is to use the same philosophy that's worked well for us in our Pacific Northwest hubs, which is to offer convenient, nonstop flights to the places guests fly to the most."

One of the biggest lies of the Left is to suggest that protecting the safety of women and children will cost states billions of dollars in business. As PolitiFact and others have pointed out, that's simply not true. Lt. Governor Dan Forest (R-N.C.) continues to point out that North Carolina has not only weathered the storm over HB 2 -- but thrived in it. For the second consecutive year, the state was ranked #2 on Forbes's top states for doing business. The ranking was given late last year, so there would have been ample time to assess the impact of the privacy law on the economy. In fact, more businesses seem to be moving to North Carolina than away from it.

Still not convinced? Despite the NCAA and ACC pulling championship games, travel to the state was also up. In North Carolina's annual hospitality report, there wasn't one mention of HB 2. That's probably because the year-end hotel and motel occupancy was up 3.4 percent statewide from 2015 -- a state record. And when you compare it to the rest of the U.S., the statistic is even more impressive. In the rest of the country, occupancy was up only 0.1 percent, and South Atlantic states' occupancy was up 1.1 percent from 2015. Room demand was up 5.1 percent, the largest boost in six years. If that's what the Left calls a boycott, bring it on!

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