A Praying House Guest

A Praying House Guest

March 08, 2018

For a lot of Americans, Capitol Hill is a place we pray for. Well, today, it was a place I was fortunate enough to pray in. From July 2016 until the beginning of this year, I was privileged to serve as the interim senior pastor at Greenwell Springs Baptist Church in addition to serving here at FRC. Shortly after taking on that role on August 13, 2016, devastating floods hit central Louisiana. Our church became a hub for the initial relief efforts followed by restoration -- which continues to this day. In that role, we ministered to a lot of hurting people both in our church and in the surrounding communities.

As my time as pastor was wrapping up, my friend and former colleague from the Louisiana legislature, who is now the Majority Whip in Congress, Steve Scalise (R), invited me to open this morning's House session in prayer. It was a significant moment for me, as I stood under the words "In God We Trust" etched in the marble, looking out over the chamber that is home to the most celebrated and cherished legislative bodies in all the world. Today, I focused on praying for the men and women who have the unique, God-given opportunity to serve the people of this country. I asked that God would give them wisdom from above -- and that the Holy Spirit would guide them as the pillar of fire and cloud led the children of Israel. And that, most importantly, they would realize and declare our dependence as a nation upon God.

To watch the prayer in its entirety, click the video below.

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