Bishop No Pawn in Privacy Showdown

Bishop No Pawn in Privacy Showdown

May 10, 2018

It must be exhausting to be wrong all of the time, but that's what's happening to the enemies of privacy bills. Since the debate exploded a few years ago, extremists have been adamant that keeping men out of girls' restrooms and vice-versa would hurt states, candidates for public office, even businesses. They've been wrong on every count -- and Tuesday's North Carolina primary was the latest example why.

Conservative state senator Dan Bishop (R) had heard it all campaign long: he was going to pay for his sponsorship of H.B. 2, the most nationally-known privacy bill. His opponent spent in an inordinate amount of time and money challenging Bishop, insisting that his push to protect women and children was what motivated her to run. H.B. 2, Beth Monaghan told reporters, "saddened and infuriated her." Later, she explained, "I just have too much pride in my state of North Carolina to not do something about this senator." So, she ran for the District 39 seat -- as a Republican no less -- in a direct challenge to a measure, H.B. 2, that had overwhelming grassroots support.

Tami Fitzgerald, who directs the North Carolina Values Coalition, couldn't believe it. "Let's see, she contributed to Hillary Clinton, Roy Cooper, the NC Democrat Party, Julie Eiselt, and a Washington D.C.-based LGBT activist group; she wants to rehash the Charlotte bathroom ordinance; and she's running as a Republican?"

Turns out, that wasn't such a great idea – not her party affiliation, and certainly not her attack of common sense privacy laws. If there's something more lopsided than a landslide, Monaghan experienced it. Her candidacy went down in flames, losing to Bishop 29-71 percent. I guess she showed him. Turns out, the bill had the same negative effect on her opponent as it's had on business: none! If anything, the privacy issue has been a boon to those with the courage to stand up and champion common sense.

Since 2016, the Left's prophecies of doom over bathroom bills have never materialized. Earlier this year, Forbes helped cut the legs out from under an already shaky argument in its latest Top States for Business report. The Lone Star State's economy, which liberals predicted would lose $8.5 billion in GDP for keeping men out of girls' restrooms, finished number two, the state's best showing since 2006. And North Carolina -- ground zero in the bathroom wars? Number one -- a spot above its last two years. So much for privacy debates being bad for business! In fact, of the top 10 states, only ONE (Colorado) has the radical sexual orientation, gender identity (SOGI) law liberals are fighting for.

Congratulations to Dan Bishop and every leader willing to stand up for the safety of his state! It's not just the right platform -- it's a winning one!

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