The Skype's the Limit for Abortion

The Skype's the Limit for Abortion

November 30, 2018

For the last several years, businesses like Planned Parenthood have done everything they can to make abortion more appealing. They've added spa robes and hot tea. They made it available by carry-out, through pills, and on video conference. And while Americans can order plenty of things over the internet, most people agree: abortion shouldn't be one of them.

Fortunately, the Michigan Senate agrees and just voted to ban one of the worst ideas in modern medicine: prescribing abortion pills over a webcam. By a 25-12 vote, Michigan leaders decided that abortions are dangerous enough with a doctor's supervision. They don't need to jeopardize more women by making pills like RU-486 more "convenient." In most cases, chemical abortions are so dangerous that some physicians won't even prescribe the drugs -- let alone Skype them.

In some states, though, women can video-conference with doctors instead of meeting them face-to-face. As one reporter says, "The doctor can... tap a button on the computer to [open] a special drawer at the [other] location that'll... allow the patient to receive [RU-486]." It's like a remote vending machine – except that these drugs are lethal to a baby -- and potentially to her mother as well.

Getting high-risk abortion drugs without a doctor's direct supervision is bad enough. But if these women have complications -- and many do -- they're on their own. In the latest report, the FDA admitted that there were more than 1,445 more cases of "adverse events from the abortion pill" between 2012-2017. That can mean anything from blood loss that requires transfusions, to infections (with many categorized as "severe"), hospitalizations, and at least 22 women deaths. Despite all of this, Planned Parenthood and others continue to argue that "the abortion pill is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy." Tell that to the 22 families who will never see their daughters, mothers, and sisters again.

Now that chemical abortions are becoming more popular, we applaud the Michigan Senate for doing what it can to keep women as safe as possible. Let's hope the state house -- and more states -- follow suit! For more information on the dangers of these pills, check out our publication, "Planned Parenthood Is Not Pro-Woman."

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