The Major Profits of Planned Parenthood

The Major Profits of Planned Parenthood

December 05, 2018

America's biggest abortion chain may have been rocked by scandals -- but they certainly haven't been bad for business. Despite some of the worst three years for Planned Parenthood's brand, local branches are proving that revenue hasn't exactly been a problem. Apparently, the only thing Planned Parenthood has more of than controversy is money. And San Jose's location is Exhibit A.

Out at California's Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, there was probably a time when things looked bleak. Thanks to David Daleiden, the office was swept up in a series of undercover videos showing the group selling baby body parts for profit. After congressional investigators got involved, the evidence against the group was so compelling that Mar Monte was referred for criminal investigation.

Now, almost two years later, it looks like Mar Monte isn't just surviving -- it's thriving. Micaiah Bilger of Life News dug into the branch's paperwork and was astounded to see that the location was bursting with cash. On the group's 990 form, the San Jose area Planned Parenthood reported an income of $109.7 million during its last fiscal year (July 1, 2016, to June 30, 2017). Not bad for a "nonprofit!"

Of course, if the group was suffering after its brush with the law, you wouldn't know it. Even though abortions are down across the country, it looks like forced taxpayer dollars more than made up for it. Of the $109 million income, two thirds -- $70.4 million -- came straight from taxpayers. Unfortunately, that's not a surprise in a state like California, one of 12, Bilger points out, where Americans are forced to pay for abortion-on-demand.

Even so, the branch's bulging bank accounts are leading a lot of people to wonder: how much of that money is still coming from the group's black market for body parts? Two years ago, when the branch was exposed for its starring role in Planned Parenthood's horror show, Daleiden "outlined how much money the affiliate could make selling aborted baby parts in a year: 'Planned Parenthood Mar Monte did 18,035 abortions [in 2015] -- if each abortion yielded just one 'usable' 'product of conception' for StemExpress, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte stood to gain nearly $1 million every year from its sale of tiny baby hearts, lungs and brains.'"

There's no proof that Mar Monte is still trafficking in baby body parts, but without a full investigation, who can be sure? No wonder Americans are so determined to cut the organization's taxpayer ties. They know, like we do, that if Planned Parenthood is raking in millions of dollars in revenue, it certainly doesn't need any help from us!

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