Life Begins at 40...

Life Begins at 40...

March 07, 2019

The snow is so deep, volunteers say, that the windows are partially blocked. But that isn’t stopping the pro-lifers in Lincoln, Nebraska from praying for the Planned Parenthood across the street. Not that they ever stopped. For the people at 40 Days for Life, this may be the start of the official vigil – but the work and prayers go on 365 days a year.

According to organizers, 2019’s event will be the largest ever – with more than 370 cities across the world participating throughout the season of Lent. Leaders as far away as England say they’ve been planning for this moment for months. “It’s simple and effective,” Robert Colquhoun says, “because it works. Lives are saved, hearts are changed, and eternal souls are impacted. Abortion workers leave their jobs and abortion centers close.”

His group has already seen it happen. On the first day, volunteers in nearby Birmingham reported that pro-lifers’ prayers are already making a difference. “We had save number one during our first shift,” said Isabel, the local leader. “A lady was given a leaflet on her way in. She carried on inside but came out 15 minutes later and said she’d changed her mind and was keeping her baby. Praise God!” Believe it or not, that’s the 15,256th baby saved since the vigils started in 2007 -- and the beginning, organizers pray -- of an explosion of miracles that will help wake-up the world to the horror of abortion.

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines. You can make a difference in your hometown by signing up for an event near you or starting your own. When someone prays in front of a facility, former abortion workers have told organizers that the “no-show” rate for abortion appointments can go to as high as 75 percent! Learn why you should get involved in the video below – or, to find a location nearby, click on the map here.

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