ACOG in the Abortion Wheel?

ACOG in the Abortion Wheel?

April 09, 2019

Most OB-Gyns became doctors to deliver life -- not destroy it. But try telling that to the organization that supposedly represents them. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has never claimed to be conservative, but in the fight over Title X rules, most doctors at least assumed they had common sense.

Abortion isn't health care. And if you ask the majority of doctors in the baby-delivering profession, they'd probably agree. So why is ACOG fighting to let abortion clinics compete for family planning dollars? Good question. When the OB-Gyn group joined the lawsuit against Donald Trump's co-location policy, it surprised a lot of people. Apparently, they think that having an abortion business in the same office as a women's health clinic is the kind of one-stop shopping every mom needs.

Fortunately, this administration disagrees. For years, taxpayers have seen millions of their dollars shipped off to "family planning" projects that happen to be under the same roof as Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. That's coming to an end now that HHS is finalizing a rule that insists abortion business can only keep their family planning dollars if they move their deadly services offsite.

ACOG, which ought to be on board with a decision that makes sure no lines are blurred in women's health, could not be more upset. Organization president Lisa Hollier argues that the policy "severely undermines the patient-physician relationship... by forcing them to withhold their professional medical judgment." Translation: doctors can't pressure these moms into abortions, where the real money is made. Instead, they have to focus on the actual patient care that most abortion clinics try to avoid.

Earlier today, in the Senate Judiciary hearing, Dr. Donna Harrison had plenty to say about the organization's motivations. "ACOG has [openly said] that they are a pro-abortion activist organization. They do not represent OB-Gyns on this issue. They've never polled their membership. And 85 percent of OB-Gyns do not do abortions. ACOG is out of step [with the medical community] with their radical pro-abortion activism. I just want to make that point because they're being quoted in this committee as if they're an independent unbiased scientific opinion, and they are not -- by their own admission."

The bottom line is this: it's the government's money, not the abortion industry's. If liberals don't like that, tell them to win an election and change it. Until then, this is why we vote -- so that the American people can decide whose values will guide budget decisions like this one. It's President Trump's prerogative, as head of the executive branch, to dictate how and where our dollars are spent. I don't remember ACOG complaining when Barack Obama used his power to flood Planned Parenthood's bank account. Reality alert for the Left! The rules don't change when the president does.

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