Here's One Way You Can Honor Your Mother...

Here's One Way You Can Honor Your Mother...

May 10, 2019

Protection. It's the first thing our mothers provide for us. From the moment of conception, they surround us, nourish us, and carry us. They give us room to grow and provide a safe environment for us to prepare to meet the world for the first nine months of our lives.

Today, the abortion industry preys upon pregnant mothers to a level that's seldom been seen before. For years they've told mothers all manner of lies, taken our taxpayer money to build their own abortion facilities, and said it's all in the mother's best interest. Now, along with many of their puppets in Congress, the abortion industry has now gone as far as backing infanticide with its refusal to ensure in law that doctors provide basic lifesaving care for babies born alive.

This is not what supporting a mother looks like. We need to speak out in support for motherhood and for the children who cannot speak -- or even cry -- for themselves. We at FRC are committed to making sure our government knows that this practice cannot continue.

We plan to deliver 90,000 newborn baby hats (that's 10,000 hats for every month a baby is in the womb) to Congress to send them a message that all babies born alive should be protected. A baby hat is the first item of clothing a baby is given after birth -- if they're given the chance to live.

We're almost halfway to our goal. If you haven't yet donated $9 to send one baby hat to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, please join this nationwide campaign. We're using the proceeds from this campaign to make sure Congress doesn't continue to dismiss this issue. Send a hat in honor of your own mother.

If you've already contributed, you can still send additional hats, or tell your friends, family, and fellow church members to join you in this campaign.

Let's send a message together to the abortion industry and to Congress that babies -- and their mothers, should not be put in peril, but protected with love and warmth.

Tony Perkins' Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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