'I Want to Hug My Child.'

October 22, 2019

That is the overwhelming sentiment from more than 40 North Korean mothers who were forced to leave behind their children when they defected. Thursday, October 24, Tongil Mom will talk about her interviews with those women in a special event at FRC headquarters.

Unfortunately, this horrible scenario isn't just happening in North Korea but also in China. It's been well-documented that women who attempt to defect and escape to China are repatriated back to North Korea, where they are imprisoned, beaten, tortured, and forced to abort -- often violently. Tongil Mom's research and eyewitnesses have further revealed that in China, these women are forced into the sex trafficking industry and separated from their children when resettling in South Korea.

In addition to the testimonies of these eyewitnesses, the event will also feature expert analysis and commentary from Dr. Sandra Fahy, Visiting Fellow at the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School and Travis Weber, Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs and Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council.

Tune in to watch this special event at 4:30 p.m. (ET) on the FRC website. You won't want to miss these powerful testimonies!