As Kanye Takes The Stage, Let's Encourage His Growth In Faith

November 15, 2019

[Editor's note: This Tony Perkins op-ed is currently published at The Federalist.]

Celebrity culture makes headlines out of all kinds of unlikely bits of information. From favorite foods to pet choices, from dating to shoes, people seem obsessed with celebrities.

But as Kanye West's public conversation on his new relationship with Jesus Christ illustrates, talking about faith has a dynamic all its own. Some people react with sarcasm or skepticism; others rush forward to make a theologian and leader out of people just finding their way. Both approaches miss the mark.

As Christians, we need to take West or anyone else who confesses faith in Christ according to the scriptures, at their word, and work to support them as they grow in their faith. Those of us who come to faith in Christ rarely share the same background, skillset, or biblical understanding. But what true believers have in common is a desire to have a growing, abiding relationship with Jesus Christ as he is revealed through scripture, and build relationships with other believers as we introduce Jesus to those outside the faith.

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