Merry Impeach-mess from House Dems

December 19, 2019

Their news may be fake, but their glee over impeachment is not! Liberal members of the media were beside themselves with joy at Wednesday's "solemn" occasion -- the House vote on impeachment. Like Democrats, who celebrated the 218th vote like they'd won the Masters, Washington Post reporters clinked glasses in one photo. They were all smiles until Rachael Bade's "Merry Impeachmas!" tweet started dropping jaws -- reminding Americans what "objective journalism" looks like now.

While Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave revelers an icy stare on the House floor, Bade's colleagues in the media gave the Post much more. "What... were you thinking when you tweeted this?" Emmy-winning investigative reporter Bill Melugin fired back. "Some of us still care about ethics and unbiased reporting, and this garbage makes it harder for all of us by reinforcing a stereotype. Come on guys." The Hill's Joe Concha was just as angry. "[This] isn't a horrible look for both news organizations or anything," he said, nodding at Bade's second employer, CNN. Well, Mollie Hemmingway half-joked, the Post did work hard for this impeachment over the past few years.

But honestly, Americans didn't need a happy hour selfie to tell them what they already know: this entire impeachment charade isn't serious -- and neither are its advocates. Think about it: This is the first modern impeachment without a scrap of bipartisan support. Not a single Republican voted in favor of the articles -- and worse for Pelosi, multiple Democrats voted against them. So the only thing that is bipartisan, it turns out, is the opposition. Congressman Mike Johnson (R-La.), who literally stepped into the cloakroom to join us on "Washington Watch," talked about this and the behind-the-scenes frustration on both sides of the aisle. This is, he pointed out, "the first time that there has been a literal single-party impeachment, and... that is precisely what the founders feared. They feared that it would come to this... where the majority party in the House would abuse their power and go after the president because they don't like his policies or the way he communicates."

"Look, every previous president in this country has made unpopular decisions, especially infuriated their political opponents and the other party. But impeachments for good reason and by specific design are exceedingly rare. So we've been a country for 243 years. There [are] only two previous presidents, Andrew Johnson in the 1860s and Bill Clinton in 1998 that have been impeached by this House. Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 to avoid this. But in each of those previous impeachments... evidence clearly established that specific criminal acts were committed. [And, based on the votes, both parties agreed.] That is just simply not the case here. And what they're doing is opening a Pandora's box that it will be very, very difficult for us to close."

The bar has been set so low now, he warns, that if you disagree with the next presidents or anything about them, one side will call for impeachment. "This is exactly what the founders wanted us to avoid -- [which is] getting to this point where impeachment is weaponized and becomes a common tool. It will destroy a republic." Mike is absolutely right. This is an attack, pure and simple, on the policies and accomplishments of this administration which undoing what they've worked decades to accomplish through the courts and government bureaucracy. If it weren't, the House would be accusing the president of an actual crime. It hasn't -- something even the Post admits.

His crime, at least to the Left, goes back to the irrational response over what Justice Neil Gorsuch said on Fox: "Merry Christmas." If you want to know what's driving this intense liberal animosity toward the administration, those two words sum it all up. This president has unleashed the powers of faith in this country, unlike anything we've seen. The Christians in this country, who've spent years being mocked and maligned, feel emboldened again. Saying "Merry Christmas" in places like work or school used to mean you'd need a lawyer. If you put a nativity scene in the town square or senior center, you'd be summoned to court. That still happens every once in a while, but by and large, faithful Americans feel understood and protected by this president. After three years of watching Trump beat back the forces of political correctness, people aren't intimidated anymore. They aren't frightened by what liberals might do, because this administration hasn't just stopped the Left -- it's slowly and steadily dismantled the anti-faith policies they stood on.

So when Neil Gorsuch goes on television and wishes people a "Merry Christmas," the Left isn't upset about December 25th. They're upset about every other day of the year that this president is moving faith and the freedom of religion forward. When you get right down to it, liberals don't have many options. This impeachment is their last-ditch effort to preserve the Left's secular domination of the culture. And they have everything to lose.