Mark Meadows: A Statesman of Character

December 20, 2019

Among the many things I've observed in my nearly two decades here in D.C. is that criticism flows freely while words of affirmation are usually reserved for funerals. We have tried to buck that trend at FRC by recognizing those who serve well. We honor them at events and express appreciation to leaders who do the right thing.

Several good men and women have announced their retirements from Congress at the end of this term. Many of them I know well and honor them for their selfless service to their constituents and country. One such leader who announced his retirement this week is among my closest friends in Congress -- Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.). Mark, along with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), helped move the ideological dial of the GOP to the right on Capitol Hill by leading the House Freedom Caucus.

I've known Mark and his wife Debbie since arriving at Family Research Council, as they were supporters of FRC and quickly became close friends. I have had the privilege of watching and walking alongside Mark in what has been an impactful and God-honoring journey. Many of Mark's accomplishments are well known, but much of what he has done has been unseen -- which speaks to his character as a statesman.

Mark has become one of the most influential leaders in Washington, and it is a sign of his character and conviction that he can walk away from influence and power, knowing that we are only temporary stewards of it for the greater good.