Discharge of the Life Brigade

January 8, 2020

Actress Michelle Williams thinks abortion helped advance her career. In Jeff Van Drew's district, it could've ended his. Fortunately, after months of disgust over Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) agenda, the New Jersey congressman walked away -- leaving behind, not just a radical party, but an inhumane platform. And while the defection only became official a few days ago, the new Republican is already making his mark.

As a Democrat, Jeff Van Drew never cast a single pro-life vote. After one year of voting with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) it only took one day to change his tune. And while most people will take a wait-and-see approach to the rest of the issues, at least on the most important question of human dignity, Americans have their answer. "New year," Politico reported, "new Jeff Van Drew." The House freshman, who jumped Pelosi's sinking ship over the recess, made it one of his first acts as a member of the minority to sign the discharge petition for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act -- inching Republicans even closer to forcing a vote.

Tuesday, on "Washington Watch," House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) told listeners how significant it is that Jeff would make this a priority. He knows a lot of people followed Van Drew and his disgust with the Democratic Party over impeachment. But it's not just the Left's treatment of the president that puts the new Republican at odds with his old caucus -- it's their treatment of innocent human life. This idea that slaughtering living, breathing newborns is just another "reproductive right" is lunacy in most people's view. Everyday Democrats (like Van Drew) and Republicans recoil at the thought of destroying healthy, adoptable, full-term infants. So much so that Pelosi can only find eight percent of Americans in the whole country who agree with her position -- that infanticide is the new abortion.

"I talked with Van Drew over the weekend," Scalise said, "and [told him] about what we're doing with the discharge petition -- and he agreed to sign it." Thanks to Van Drew, Republicans are just 14 signatures away from breaking this logjam on Rep. Ann Wagner's (R-Mo.) legislation. "It would be critical to get that vote on the House floor," Scalise explained, "because I think [there] wouldn't be 218 votes for it. I think there'd be over 300 votes for it. But Pelosi's standing in the way, and a lot of Democrats that claim to be pro-life are hiding behind her and letting her do the dirty work."

This discharge petition, he insisted, is the one way Republicans can get around Pelosi and the House's abortion zealots. "And we [are] one step closer to getting this done. Everybody should be calling their member of Congress and asking a very simple question: Have you signed the discharge petition on Ann Wagner's Born Alive Abortion Survivors Act? If the answer is yes, we appreciate what they've done. If the answer is no, then they can't claim to be pro-life and not sign [something that would] get this bill on the floor, [allow us to have] a true debate, and ultimately a vote on whether or not we should protect innocent lives."

Steve's right. As the minority whip, he's counted the votes. And if this gets to the floor, so many Democrats in districts that are conservative-leaning or pro-life would be forced to support it. Because here's the reality: this isn't about abortion. This is about infanticide. We're talking about babies who are born alive and then denied medical care -- or as the president has said, been executed. This is the thin line between civility and incivility.

"It's that severe..." Scalise agreed, "because if you ask people -- [even] most people who are pro-choice... [they] think it's wrong. [This] is a baby that's born alive outside the womb. That's not abortion -- it's murder. Most people recognize that it's murder. But the law in a number of states allow for that baby to be killed and called abortion. So that's why the Born Alive act is so important [because it gives] federal protection across the board, no matter what state you're in -- whether your state already has a law protecting that life outside the womb. Or whether you're in New York or other states that are trying to move [radical] legislation."

To the people who wonder if this bill is necessary, take a long hard look at the Abortion Survivors Network. This isn't just a hypothetical to people like Melissa Ohden, who "was a victim of an attempted saline abortion in which she was burned alive for five days, born, and later saved by the grace of a nurse who 'couldn't just leave me there to die' and rushed her to a neonatal intensive care unit in a hospital for treatment." Imagine how many thousands of other nameless babies go unreported, victims of this myth that infanticide isn't a real issue -- or worse, a personal "choice" for moms and doctors to decide. That must stop. And you can help.

Join us in sending 90,000 newborn baby hats to Nancy Pelosi's office before the State of the Union address. Together, through the End Birth Day Abortion campaign, we can remind her of the cost of the Democrats' extremism.