The Starbucks Stop Here

February 6, 2020

Lynn Meagher seriously considered killing herself. Desperate, tormented, and out of options, she went to see a therapist. How should she cope, she cried, knowing that two of her children wanted nothing to do with her? Two children, who, through horrible, mutilating surgeries, destroyed the bodies she'd carried inside her? "I felt I was living in a dream, a nightmare," she says quietly. That nightmare, the one she wouldn't wish on her worst enemy, is real. And from now on, every time you walk through the door of a Starbucks, you're telling moms like Lynn you couldn't care less.

"I can't even describe what it's like to see your own child's face with the opposite gender superimposed on it. It's just... I can't even describe it..." Parents like Elaine Davidson still struggle to talk about the bloody bandages covering the place where their daughters' breasts used to be. "I begged everyone I could [to stop the surgery]. I begged her. I couldn't stop it." Losing a child to this tortured life is like a death in the family. Only, there was no goodbye. No ceremony. "No one sent us flowers," Lisa grieves. "No one dropped off a casserole."

So imagine their horror when they scanned the headlines and saw an American company -- one as large and powerful as Starbucks -- trying to inflict that pain on as many people as possible. In an announcement shocking even for them, the coffee chain is launching a campaign to actively push kids into sex changes that damage them for life. Using #whatsyourname as its call sign, Starbucks started placing ads in the U.K. featuring a young girl (dressed like a boy) who wants the barista to write "James" on her cup. "Taking a customer's name, writing it on a cup, and calling it out is a symbol of our warm welcome," Starbucks says.

But it isn't just the "welcome" customers are supporting. The mega-chain has a much more serious agenda -- donating piles of money to trap kids into this lifestyle of pain and suffering. "In addition to the ad campaign, Starbucks states it is partnering with Mermaids," an activist group for "supporting trans and gender-diverse children." "Transgender children," the website says, "deserve the freedom and confidence to explore their gender identity wherever their journey takes them, free from fear, isolation and discrimination." The goal? For Starbucks to raise at least 100,000 euros for the cause.

These aren't grown men and women the coffee giant is after. These are children -- young girls and boys who are hurting, confused, and being destroyed by adults pushing them to chase these identities, despite the cost. And the cost, hundreds of parents and patients will tell you, is irreversible.

"I remember breaking down. It was like, this was a mistake. It should never have happened. But what do you do about it? How do you go through another harrowing transition? What do you do? I've got no hair. I've got a beard. I've had all [of] my body mutilated. How do I go back?" Debbie was 17. She would do anything to turn back time. "There are thousands of us," another young woman told the BBC, desperately wanting a way out. A way out from the life companies like Starbucks are telling children is the way to finally get noticed and valued. They don't mention the heartbreak. The regret. The years of physical agony.

But then, it's not as if Starbucks's agenda is a surprise. The liberal business has never truly cared about kids -- not after spending thousands of dollars helping Planned Parenthood abort them -- or working to deprive them of a married mom and dad. And yet, despite it all, plenty of Christians will still rationalize turning their cars into the first drive-thru sign they see. "We're uncomfortable with boycotts," they'll say. But surely we're all more uncomfortable funding a war against innocent children. Try clicking through these stories and finding peace at Starbucks -- or any company where your dollars help create more victims. Is the coffee really so good that you're willing to give a portion of every cup to promote this self-destruction? Ask yourself when you read this plea from a mom whose family will never be the same.

"Once we have cut that beautiful body, when the voice is permanently broken, the beard is there for good, the breasts are gone, what happens if the body was never wrong to start with? What will you tell the daughters that realize, too late, that they have destroyed their ability to bear children, or to nurse them? When they find that their wounds had other causes, other origins, and required other treatments? I plead with you to hear the parents, and the many stories of young people who have changed their minds after medical transition. This is not health care, this is a medical experiment. This is not life-saving care, these are criminal actions. And [it] must be stopped."

You can help. Contact Starbucks and ask them to stop contributing to agendas that permanently scar our kids. Meet Lynn and hear why below.