SPLC More Concerned with 'Hate' Outbreak

March 19, 2020

If people are looking at a map right now, it's for infection rates -- not "hate" hotspots. Try telling that to the anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) who picked this week, during a global pandemic, to suggest that the biggest threat facing America is conservatives! Rather than help communities with the virus, SPLC seems determined to divide them -- exposing, once again, where its real motives lie.

In an email about the new "hate" list, SPLC insists it is "guided by our concern for the health and safety of our staff and the communities we serve." And yet, none of that seems to jive with the timing of a map that seeks to polarize the country when we can least afford it. "During this challenging time," SPLC writes, "we are committed more than ever to continuing our fight for justice and pushing back against those exploiting this pandemic to further their radical agenda." That's interesting, PJ Media's Tyler O'Neil points out, since the report "has nothing to do with correcting misinformation on the pandemic and everything to do with furthering the SPLC's own radical agenda.

Obviously, the organization, whose racist and sexist scandals prompted a very public meltdown in 2019, hasn't learned a thing from its phony internal review. After losing two of the group's leaders to workplace complaints and other staffers exposing SPLC's money scam, the last several months should have been a time for real soul-searching. But if this latest attack on several conventional groups was supposed to help SPLC save face, it's mistaken. The only thing this timing proves is how profoundly tone-deaf and opportunist the group is.

In the organization's latest "hate" chronicles, SPLC manages to offend a number of mainstream organizations with its labeling, including a number of pro-family entities, which they dub "the fastest-growing sector of hate." Of course, FRC -- who knows better than anyone the danger this map creates -- was also prominently featured in a picture of Pastor Andrew Brunson and me praying over President Trump at last year's Values Voter Summit. Apparently, prayer is the new hate language. That'll come as a surprise to the scores of national leaders encouraging prayer in these anxious and uncertain times. And yet, while the country cries out on its knees, SPLC is still busy trying to bring conservatives to theirs.

And they aren't stopping with our generation. Let's not forget, this radical, anti-Christian group is in our schools, infecting children with their decades-old "Teaching Tolerance" propaganda. Of course, we know that for the SPLC, the target is not "the intolerant" per se, but those who don't share their Leftist worldview. And thanks to partnerships with the liberal National Education Association, SPLC has direct access to almost any public school. That means the ability to indoctrinate on gender identity, sexuality, social justice, abortion, immigration, and more.

We all have a stake in ensuring that this "hate-mongering scam," as the Federalist so eloquently put it, is treated like the discredited disgrace that it is. Lives, as FRC learned in 2012, depend on it.

For more on what you can do about SPLC in the classroom, check out FRC's guide, "The SPLC's Teaching Tolerance: What Parents, Teachers, and Administrators Need to Know."