The Fix Is in Like Flynn

May 8, 2020

It was a case that, as former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy said, "stunk to high heaven." Now, three years into a bogus controversy that ruined General Michael Flynn's career, the DOJ is dropping the case against the former national security advisor. It wasn't a pardon -- but maybe, some say, it was better. It finally got prosecutors to admit what most people suspected all along: the case was a hoax.

In the end, Flynn was just another victim of the Democrats' ruthless do-anything-destroy-anyone mission to get at the president. He just happened to provide a scenario the Left could exploit. "The FBI and the Obama administration had recordings of these calls and knew Flynn had done nothing improper," McCarthy points out. But, "the fact that they occurred was used to stoke the claim that Flynn may have agreed on Trump's behalf to drop sanctions Obama had imposed on Russia. He had not, but the mere mention of sanctions was politically explosive. There was no basis to believe Flynn, a decorated former U.S. combat commander, would ever be Moscow's mole, much less that he had committed a crime."

But the Democrats never let the facts get in the way of a good smear campaign. They went to work almost immediately, hyping up "collusion." The reality, Attorney General William Barr pointed out, is that this was never a "bona fide counterintelligence investigation" to begin with. In fact, the FBI was ready to shut it down when they cleared Flynn's call with the Russian ambassador. But then, when every other avenue for launching an investigation against the president didn't work, they reconsidered. "They found out that they had not technically closed the earlier investigation. And they kept it open for the express purpose of trying to catch [and] lay a perjury trap for General Flynn."

The fix was in from the beginning. "It really is a startling revelation," Congressman Jody Hice (R-Ga.) said on "Washington Watch." To be honest, he went on, "it's something many of us were afraid of... and now it's becoming a reality [that] Michael Flynn was set up. He was targeted. He was put in a [no-win position] in an attempt ultimately to go after the president. And it was based on an absolutely false dossier. And the FBI knew that it was false. They knew that it was erroneous and fraudulent all along."

But, thanks to morally compromised agents, Flynn lost his job, his home, and his good name to a bunch of sore-loser extremists desperate to tarnish Trump -- and everyone in his circle. And while the general paid for it -- dearly -- Americans lost something too: trust in the basic functions of government. We're talking about the top law enforcement agency in the nation, using the government's own resources to eviscerate a three-star general. Not because he was guilty of a crime, but because he was guilty of working for this president.

That same abuse of power and authority continued for three and a half years. "The impeachment [was] built on it. And now, we learn... it was all fake," Hice shakes his head. "Now, quite frankly, we need to go after the crooks who set Michael Flynn up. This never should happen in America, especially at the top levels of our government. We need to ensure liberty and justice for all American citizens."

Nothing can ever make up for what Michael Flynn went through. But at least Americans are getting another glimpse behind the curtain -- where the only people truly caught in a lie are the Democratic Party