Colorado's Signature Issue

May 18, 2020

It wasn't the news pro-lifers wanted to hear. After weeks of crisscrossing the state, knocking on doors, and rallying hundreds of volunteers, Colorado's petition gatherers were officially 10,000 names short. The announcement from the secretary of state's office hit organizers hard. The "Due Date Too Late" campaign thought they had more than enough signatures to put a 22-week abortion limit on the ballot. Now, in a race against the clock, they're hitting the ground running -- trying to find the signatures they need to save lives.

It's a big job, but "Due Date Too Late" spokeswoman Lauren Castillo isn't deterred. Like a lot of pro-lifers, she felt like there was "an incredible amount of momentum" collecting petitions earlier this year. Now, with more than 400 volunteers ready to hit the pavement for new names, she's convinced the movement is up to the task.

They have 15 days to close the gap on Initiative 120, which would give Colorado voters the chance to outlaw abortions in the late-second and third trimester. With help from the Archdiocese of Denver, the group has set up a whopping 80-90 signing stations that will be open at different times through May 28. (For an interactive map of locations, click here.) "This is a chance to put restrictions on abortion in Colorado for the first time since 1967," Deacon Geoff Bennett from Catholic Charities of Denver said. "To not make a stand here would be tragic."

Based on the national polling, Colorado's pro-lifers definitely have a shot. Second- and third-trimester abortions are hugely unpopular in America, even among self-described "pro-choicers." When Gallup asked Americans last year, they were surprised to discover just how conservative the country's views are. Only 13 percent think the procedure should be legal in the third trimester, and not many more -- 28 percent -- agree on the second. Those are dismal numbers for Initiative 120's opponents. Even liberal media outlets like Slate have warned that the Left is on shaky ground when it comes this debate. "Even the most pro-choice people," they admit, "aren't sold on abortion rights beyond the first trimester."

If you live in Colorado and haven't signed the petition, please find a nearby location and make your voice heard. November's election isn't just about saving America -- it's about saving lives.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering where your state stands on banning later-term abortions, check out FRC's Pro-Life Map. As you'll see, Colorado is one of 22 states allow abortion on demand right up until the moment of birth -- and one of only seven without even nominal "mental health" restrictions. It's time for voters to change that this fall!